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To create an EcoClub, the following form should be filled in an submitted by the parent, teacher or school administrator who will be the official sponsor for the club. 

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The purpose of this Club shall be to: • promote effective environmental sustainability education at your school and/or in your community • learn more about being good stewards of our planet • get outdoors • establish and support activities and projects related to environmental stewardship; and, • facilitate discussion, debate and dialogue over ways in which to sustain our planet. Affiliation – The Club shall be an official EcoClub. Through this affiliation the Club is entitled to all rights and benefits conferred upon them as an official EcoClub including: Membership – Any interested students, faculty and staff may officially join the Club, although anyone may attend meetings and events hosted by the Club at the Club’s discretion. • Recognition by KEC as an officially affiliated club. • Legal rights to use the KEC name as part of their club name The EcoClub of (school name) or The (school mascot or school name) EcoClub. • Permission to use materials copyrighted by KEC and/or provided by KEC. • The right to promote KEC at their functions. • Entitlement to funding from KEC as needed and as resources are available. • Advice and help in running the Club and website. • The right to post funding requests on the KEC website (must be approved by KEC). The acting president of the Club shall present KEC with a report at the end of each academic semester detailing the activities of the Club during the past semester and indicating their future goals and any needed assistance and/or support from KEC. The Club shall undergo an annual evaluation at the end of each academic year to determine the extent to which the activities of the Club during the past academic year have or have not upheld the mission statement of KEC. KEC shall have the authority to revoke affiliation with the Club at their discretion, should: a. The activities of the Club leadership at any time violate the mission statement of KEC. b. The president of the Club fails to submit a report at the end of each academic semester detailing the past activities of the Club and future goals. c. The Club fails to meet at least one time per month during the school year and/or eight times per calendar year. d. The annual review indicates that the leadership of the Club is not upholding or is not prepared to uphold the mission statement of KEC and/or its goals. * Should affiliation with KEC be revoked by either party at any time, the Club shall no longer have any of the rights and benefits conferred upon it as an official EcoClub. Events, meetings, and promotion of views. • The Club is to meet no less than once per month during the academic year. • The Club shall host debates, nature walks, fieldtrips, speakers, artists, professionals, master gardeners, establish projects and hold other such events that serve to advance the mission of KEC.